Egg Milk Shake

Well…this came out as one of my experimental recipes. I was supposed to prepare something else( let’s not say what but something related to pastry) and I ended up running with glasses full of these and serving everyone! Quite easy-to-make and was enjoyed by everyone at my house except my mother..well she never likes egg stuff much so I knew that’d be coming anyways:)..there may be recipes for this as I’ve not surfed whether there are or not…but this is my version, as usual…hope you like it!


(Recipe for 6 servings)


4 Egg whites

Powder/liquid milk*

5 tablespoons of Sugar

2 tablespoons of Coffee powder

Vanilla extract



  1. Place a saucepan on the stove and pour a good amount of water, so that the water covers half of the pan. Bring the water to boil on medium heat.
  2. Take the egg whites in another pan and place it on top of the saucepan on the stove. Many people use double boiler instead of using two different pans but I prefer this more.
  3. Stir the egg whites for a few seconds. Put sugar in it while stirring.
  4. Add water while stirring. * If you will be using liquid milk then put a little amount of water here like about 2 tablespoons. If not, then use 3-4 tablespoons of water.
  5. Keep stirring it continuously otherwise you’ll end up having scrambled eggs!
  6. When you see the sugar is melted and the mixture has taken a grey-ish color, turn the gas off and remove the egg pan from it.
  7. Add milk and stir. If you are using powder milk, add 2 cups and if liquid milk, use 1 cup only. However, you can change the amount depending on how much milk you like in your milkshake.
  8. Add Coffee powder and the vanilla extract; or, you can use vanilla flavored cappuccino coffee powder. For the latter I used Hills and Bros. vanilla flavored ones. Keep it mixing.
  9. When you’ve mixed everything one by one, use a hand beater and beat the mixture until it it becomes somewhat bubbly or foamy. It normally doesn’t turn into a frost and even if it does, use liquid milk or water as per your need. Then keep on beating.
  10. Put the mixture (or now, better call it ‘the shake’:D) in the fridge and later serve it chilled. Enjoy!!

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